I don’t hate at all.I try to ignore you as much as possible

You need to stop acting like you’re someone else when saying that you are original. bitch quite obviously i scanned for your personality in the lyrics of the most “ghetto” album out there.  if you would take a good look at around at the world you have created for yourself, and look at all the faces of the people who pass you, you would realize that the expressions are discussed, hate, historic, and intimidation which you obviously live off of. you are the most pathetic thing i have seen. you’ve played your depressed little boy act, your addiction card, you’ve rolled the abandonment dice ,and now, i see the real you, through all your fake layers of insecurity, rebellion and loneliness. someone who is so afraid of losing someone who they lose themselves in the process. someone who would rather self harm than speak. someone who threatens and intimidates to make themselves finally fell noticed. someone who lies and manipulates to get his dick wet. someone who can’t perceive reality as it is. look around, everyone leaving. but its okay, you will threaten and back-mail them to stay.

do your worst, your no monster to me

im so glad i am released from your bull fucking shit!

pace bitch, im happy now.



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